Science is Moving Faster Than You Think…
Mainstream Science Has Become Junk Science

That’s Why You Need to Join My Journey
into a Loving, Healing Future that I Call
Medicine Beyond!

Why Beyond? Because it’s beyond shocking, beyond startling, beyond explosive, amazing, revolutionary, mind-bending and all those other cliché words.

It’s beyond classroom physics. It re-defines the nature of Being, identity and health into something much VASTER than ever before.

It’s… well, hard to describe in just a few words.  But I am presenting, in effect, a whole new reality, a completely re-constructed universe, backed by facts as they are today.  

New science means new discoveries in healing and heralds a complete 180-degree change in the way that we treat diseases and illnesses.

We occupy a universe starting from consciousness and Being, not with the Big Bang (which scientists are starting to admit never happened—the evidence today overwhelmingly contradicts it).

Even gravity is open to question—it has never been proven and scientists are still waiting (hoping) to find gravitons, which they say must exist. Gravity was simply the “best” explanation we had for the force of attraction between stars and planets and which holds us down to the Earth’s surface.

Don’t let the recent “discovery” of gravity waves sway you too much. Although some scientists claim it’s now a done deal, many other scientists question the supposed detection signals (in 2014 they announced the same discovery and it turned out to be a nearby sawmill!) Truth is, what they say they found was signals from colliding black holes but nobody knows where these black holes actually are! Somewhere in the Southern sky is their only answer. Moreover, since black holes have never been seen or proven, it’s all a bit of a scam. The announcement was sneakily timed, because the funding was just about to run out!

Gravity is a story, nothing more, that’s been around for so long people have started to believe it, without any proof of its tangible nature. In fact, gravity is probably the most out-of-date idea in all of science since we dumped the earth-fire-water-ether model!

Instead, it’s an electric universe.  This is far more than the cold, gravity-driven machine.  Electromagnetic forces are 1,000 billion billion billion billion times stronger than gravity (1039) and much more realistic as the force which actually holds our universe together.  Space is filled with electromagnetic energies, clouds have been photographed by The Hubble and, of course, radio telescopes.

Electricity and magnetism are out there!  Whereas gravity has never been seen, felt or photographed.

When we have finished setting reality straight and turning rigid science dogma on its head, we are free to see and explore our world as it really is.

That includes health and medicine, of course.  We cannot hope to get good outcomes in the healing arts, if what we do is based on a faulty and unworkable mechanistic model.

When I first wrote my book, Virtual Medicine in 1999 there was a clear need for it.  The problem is, discoveries are moving so fast. It became out of date within a short time.

The only way to keep it as the number one authority text on holistic and energy healing and science was to relentlessly write, rewrite it. In fact, I went a step further and I have created a whole NEW book and I’ve given it a fresh title, which says it all: Medicine Beyond… beyond every day simple physics and into the strange multiple realities that are being discovered and written about openly today.

The trouble is, doctors and healers are way behind with the “updated universe” (Reality 3.1, to use a computer idea).   

You have to grasp the new and challenging principles in physics and new models of cosmology – simply because medicine has context.  All of science has a context.  We cannot go on ignoring the nature of life and being, as the medical profession seeks to.  

We are not just biochemical happenings; not just foraging and procreating machines; we are not even material or “stuff”, in truth. We begin as a conscious event, a process that starts as a living being and then evolves into a physical form, not the other way round.

It’s actually rather inspiring to see everything in the light of this new physics.

Of course it follows, as night follows day, that if our model of nature is faulty, our models of healing will be disastrously wrong.  And that’s what we observe; medicine on the wrong model is very destructive. It actually hurts more often than it heals.

That’s why you need to join me on this incredible voyage I call Medicine Beyond

Are You Ready to Solve The Mysteries of Medicine and Beyond That Will Usher In the Dawn of a New Age in Medicine?

Lets start with shock #1: Electroceuticals and the Buried Model of Electric Healing

No pun intended! Catalogues of the General Electric Company in the late 19th century had a number of electrical healing devices.  Its 1893 catalogue illustrates nine magnetos, ranging from one 20 centimeters long, boxed in pine, to the Phoenix, boxed in mahogany with a dial "to measure strength". Assorted electrodes "for foot, tooth, and ear, with plated handles" were available for the device.

I was pleasantly surprised in my research to find that the famous Mayfair chemists John Bell and Croydon, just around the corner from my former Harley Street clinic, at one time carried a range of such electrotherapy devices.

David Fishlock, an avid collector of these early devices, tells us that in the 1920s, a version of the Tesla apparatus, known as Roger's Vitalator, began to make its appearance in barbers' shops as a way of treating minor ailments, including bald patches and dandruff.

Historically, as far back as 1890, the American Electro-Therapeutic Association conducted annual conferences on the therapeutic use of electricity and electrical devices by physicians on ailing patients.

Yet, according to the self-styled experts and scientists, all this was a hoax.  It was not merely unproven: it was proven worthless.  Does that sort of remark sound familiar? It is being used to attack homeopathy, even as I write this.

Life, it emerges, has almost nothing to do with biochemical “stuff”. Life is defined by living energies of the electromagnetic spectrum. No electricity in the cell equals dead!

It seems now that electrical healing is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

An article from Medscape editor is cautious but positive, with these words:

“As researchers gain a better understanding of the interactions between our nervous and immune systems, bioelectrical medicine is increasingly looking promising in treating numerous conditions, from pain to diabetes to possibly even cancer.”

Shock #2: Bioelectrical Therapy Shows Promise as Cancer Therapy

Bioelectrical therapy also shows promise in cancer, correct?

The answer is YES.

There is some very interesting data from a number of laboratories that nerves producing nerve-derived signals can control the ability of some tumors to grow and of some tumors to metastasize.  Considering what we know about angiogenesis and factors regulating metastatic potential, we can begin to think in terms of how those drug targets might be influenced by neurotransmitter-based signals.

This is not something in the distant future; this is a testable hypothesis now. It's being tested as I write.

Please understand this is not a shored up version of Rife’s work. His process destroyed cancer cells, using radio frequencies. What I am describing here is supercharging the immune system and other organs with electrical signals via the neurological system.

It really is electroceuticals! There has been a massive thaw in the ice.

Here’s another example of mind-bending science beyond science…

Shock #3: Humans Carry Their Own Solar Cells!

You were probably told that only plants can process sunlight, by means of photosynthesis, utilizing a special green chemical called chlorophyll, right?


Did you know you have a substance in your body that is more powerful than chlorophyll

It can create energy and sustain you.

Animals and especially we humans can do it better than plants ever could, using a widespread substance present in our bodies that converts sunlight to chemical energy so efficiently, it’s now being adapted for photaic cell conversion, instead of silicon-based technology. We have it naturally. We are our own solar energy panel!

This is not a hoax. This substance is capable of powering real batteries and does not seem to need re-charging. The substance appears to be self-charging and endlessly renewable.

Here’s just a tiny sample of the astounding and virtually unknown but scientifically proven medical phenomenon and groundbreaking techniques that nearly no one knows about:

  • I’ll reveal a fascinating documented energy model from the North American Native Tradition that allows you to shift your “catalyst of power” to a healthier position using a simple but little-known therapy.

    It’s vital to your good health because locations higher than the optimum in your catalyst of power are accompanied by anxiety and panic and lowered locations are commonly found in those with depressive conditions and hypo liver / thyroid / adrenal activity.  (Chapter 12)
  • Can light be used as therapy?

    In our own century, Nobel Laureate Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, who discovered vitamin C, acknowledges the profound influence of light on our health and states ‘all the energy we take into our bodies is derived from the sun.’

    You’ll discover how light therapy can heal the body’s metabolic pathways.  Find out how a certain color of light can increase your physical strength and endurance

    If you suffer from arthritis pain get the hidden findings on how this color of light can be an effective treatment and even help with psychological problems, including addictions, eating disorders, impotence, and depression.  (Chapter 22)


Shock #4: Life From Everywhere?

Did you know that life probably came to Earth from space? Panspermia it’s called (“life from everywhere”). You might think that’s plain crazy.

Most astronomers ignore the electric model of the universe.  Most of the known universe is in a highly charged electrical raw state called a plasma.  

But the idea we started out as a lightning flash in some primordial chemical soup is what’s the truly crazy idea.

I rate this unscientific drivel as no better than saying it started with a fairy touching her magic wand onto the surface of a mud pool!

For one thing, it can’t happen, according to the laws of physics. The infamous Second Law Of Thermodynamics means that things cannot go from simple to complex. Entropy says it must go the opposite way: from complex to decay and chaos.

But the argument is simpler than that: a lightning flash lasts a split second. The same process, called a plasma, is going on continuously over our heads.  60 miles up there is an energy belt that is far more powerful than all the surface lightning strikes in a day combined.

Organic matter raining down on us isn’t as controversial as you might think. In two of the world’s top scientific journals—Scientific American and Nature—I found scores of papers on this topic.

What’s really intriguing is that scientists just last year proved that atoms in a plasma will spin into threads, twist into double strands and wrap around each other in a double-helix.  Now what does that remind you of?

Yes, DNA! It’s tumbling from the skies.

Life came from the heavens, not mud, if you want a poetic metaphor. And guess what: Francis Crick, the guy who discovered DNA (well, stole the breakthrough details from his colleague Rosalind Franklin, while she was away from her office) is on record as saying he believes wholeheartedly in panspermia!
Shock #5: Your DNA is Smarter Than You Think

DNA strands contain a lot of non-material information.  You can pick up this information on a coherent carrier, like laser light, and transfer it.  No genes are transferred, just the “message”.

While Western scientists are busy dismissing wave genetics as it’s called, researchers in Russia and China have done some remarkable experiments. Laser light shone through healthy organs prevented test animals from being killed by a deliberate poison. In another case, a light from a healthy youth was transmitted to an elderly woman, who promptly started re-growing her teeth!

But most amazing of all is the report from China of a mind-bending experiment in which laser light was shone through duck egg embryos, onto chicken embryos. The result? Some chickens were borne with webbed feet and a duck beak!

Can’t happen?
Aw, c’mon, they said that about heavier than air flight! Nothing so heavy as a plane could possibly get off the ground, they said. X-rays are a hoax, insisted a leading British 19th century physicist! The phonograph is a trick, reported a French scientist, it’s nothing more than clever ventriloquism! The catalogue of delusions that masquerade as “real” science goes on and on

It’s an old joke that you can tell the importance of a scientist by how long he holds back progress with his stubborn ideas!  As I have said in the past (in writing) I have no problem with the fact that scientists make mistakes.

There’s more inside of Medicine Beyond just waiting for you to dig into it…

  • Discover how nutrition itself is electrical in nature.

    All your cells and mitochondria harvest the electrical energy produced by the food you eat and transform it into the spark of life.

    This creates a whole startling extra take on electrical nutrition, that I consider very exciting and knowing it will irritate the diehards who don’t like new ideas… well, that makes it an even more attractive theory! 
  • Go beyond the skin

    …Ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine touched on biological energy.  Get the real deal on why it’s time to scale up and look at the concept of energy fields, as they pertain to biology and healing. (Chapter 7)

  • The Electric Cancer Model

    There is no more fundamental starting place for modelling health issues than cancer. I have said often, cancer is not a death knell… but it is a wake up call, telling you your health is in ruins. It’s about as bad as things can get.  I’ll share with you how you can prevent and reverse cancer using a specific magnetic element. (Chapter 7)

Shock #6: Scientific Proof That “The People’s Medicine” Is As Powerful As Prescription Drugs

You’ll learn that the much-maligned homeopathy, which the FDA claims they are now investigating, has been proven over and over. Not by crank doctors and therapists but by the very best scientific instruments, such as a spectroscope, Rockland analyzer and in thermo-luminescence tests carried out by a Swiss chemist. These results cannot be argued away by claiming faulty technique or conjuring tricks, as they accused Jacques Benveniste of doing.

The spectroscope is the most exquisitely sensitive detector device we have. It’s capable of finding an element present in a star that thousands of billions of light years away. Heck, the spectroscope found helium in the Sun (hence the name, from Helios) before this substance was ever discovered on Earth.

The results of these incontrovertible proofs of homeopathy have been published in top scientific journals like The Lancet and Physica A. Yet dishonest and idiot critics still go on babbling, “There is no proof homeopathy works.” Some even say it’s proven not to work, which any scientists would know is an impossible proof; you can’t “prove” a negative.

I give you the charts and proofs in this book and so rescue “the peoples’ medicine” from attack by fools, greed and fake science.

Isaac Newton’s The Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica is widely considered one of the most important scientific books ever written, and for good reason. It has been studied, referenced, and quoted countless times in the 300-plus years since it was first published. Yet it contains a mathematical error that nobody noticed for centuries! That’s how fixated on authority and personality worship so-called “objective” scientists can be. Oh, and did I say: it was a 23-year-old student from Chicago named Robert Garisto who discovered the mistake!

But I don’t stop there…

Shock #7: How Rapid Healing is actually Time Running Backwards

In this book are three proofs that no material substances or “stuff” needs to be present, in order to have a biological effect. Actually, there are four proofs in a sense, with the revelation that objects which are no longer present (aged or changed) can nevertheless be photographed, as they once were.

Time has been made to run backwards and people have been able to influence the outcome of a test, by studying for it after answering the questions! (did you ever feel that swotty and clever students always seemed to go and look up the exam questions afterwards? This might be their secret!)

From this starting point, I have argued the possibility that rapid healing is actually time running backwards. That is rendered more likely by the fact that true healing (not drug-based changes) take place in reverse order of the disease, just as if time was running in reverse.

Let me tell you: you have to be brave to read this book! It’s scary if you can’t handle amazing new truths.

Rejuvenating Our Bodies

Science has got as far as tests in Russia, in which laser light shone through healthy tissue has even been able to turn back the clock on aging. One woman, exposed to light from a fresh, healthy youth, started growing back her own teeth!

Shock #8: We Are Electrical

Maybe you have heard of “high voltage syndrome”? Some people are so super-charged with electrical energies, they become a menace to themselves and others.

They can give shocks that knock people to the ground. Some unique cases can even light up light bulbs, just by holding them in their hands! This has been photographed. It’s quite real. In fact, we are electrical super-beings and that’s what modern biochemistry has got lost on. Substance (stuff) might work for building bridges or synthesizing fabrics and dyes but it is the wrong approach life.

MEDICINE BEYOND Covers Everything in the Known & Unknown Universe”

Every page is loaded with remarkable wisdom and intriguing concepts. It is indeed a book to read and to think about the fact that “reality” as understood by scientists and by each of us is far different from that taught historically and currently. 

Just a few of the tremendous conclusions:

“The fact is that everything is spiritual or divine, from our own origins, to the structure and make-up of the so-called material universe.”

“It comes down to this: the so-called objective universe has no meaning, no reality, without us. This is far beyond the observer effect, which troubles scientists enough as it is. We ARE the reality, not just looking at it”

“Once you let go of formal concepts of time and space, anything can happen”
This is THE book to help you let go of the past and move excitingly into whatever the future means or brings! The most exciting book of the 21st century!

-C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.
Founder and CEO, National Institute of Holistic Medicine

Dr. Keith is an exciting and innovative MD, seeing far ahead of the pack.”

Dr. Keith is an exciting and innovative MD, seeing far ahead of the pack. He brings a knowledge of many healing modalities into this work.

He has explanations that leave the reader breathless for a whole range of mysterious phenomena, from “telepathic” DNA, to the non-material nature of substances and medicines; to plants which sing; people who can glow with life energies, to new ways of investigating the mind and the idea of life seeded from outer space (Panspermia). A most exciting read.

-George Noory, Host of the nationally syndicated radio show Coast to Coast AM and (TV)

To read this book and enjoy it fully, you have to be willing to do a good deal of UN-learning, as well as being open-minded enough to accept startling change. But I repeat, it’s all backed by current science: the marvels that nobody is talking about (yet).

Bonus Shock #9: Is There Such a Thing As “Laws” Of Physics?

I have trouble with so-called “laws” of physics. Who says they are laws? Our experience here on Earth may not translate fully to what goes on out there in the cosmos. Moreover our pitifully short experience of reality may not give any clues as to what is really happening in the long reaches of time.

As Max Planck (1858-1947), the founder of quantum mechanics so capably put it, “We have no right to assume that any physical laws exist, or if they have existed up to now, that they will continue to exist in a similar manner in the future.”

If the rules of the process can change, then it’s not a law, is it? I’m not trying to hold science up to ridicule, merely pointing out that there are some very basic assumptions being made, which may not be valid at all.

The ideas presented in Chapter one were literally mind-blowing! I haven't found a book that stimulated my thinking so much...”

Dear Dr. Scott-Mumby,

I just received the full copy of your Medicine Beyond, yesterday afternoon, and started reading it last night!

Talk about a thriller! I couldn't put it down!

Needless to say, it is NOT a fast read. Problem was, that although my mind comprehended the words of statements presented, I had to stop reading after every small section to make an attempt to understand what I had just read, and to assimilate those concepts.

First thing that jumped into my mind was the validity all of the Rife stuff. KUDOS!!

The ideas presented in Chapter one (as far as I read in two hours) were literally mind-blowing! I haven't found a book that stimulated my thinking so much in many a year.

I'm going to really enjoy the next many months of reading, and the ideas you have presented. I think that you've REALLY outdone yourself this time! Thanks for making life interesting again.

-Karla Kay (85 yrs old this year)
Kingman, AZ

Hidden Structures

What has emerged, I think, from the investigations so far, is that we have a concept of the universe expressing itself from within; unseen inner structures exist which create and dictate what we see outwardly. Until science starts acknowledging these hidden layers or structures, it is never going to be science, in the full meaning of the term; just posturing and squabbling.

The truth is, ours is not a WYSIWYG reality (what you see is what you get); rather it is a case of what you DON’T see is what you get!

There is a layer or many layers beneath the outward reality, that have been variously called, the Source Field (David Wilcock), the Field (Lynne McTaggart), the quantum probability field (Deepak Chopra), subspace (Bill Nelson), the morphic field (Rupert Sheldrake), possibly the Ganzfield (“whole field”) of German psychologist Wolfgang Metzger (1899-1979), the Akashic field, and so forth.

Finding Quantum Leaps In Real Healing Discoveries...
Only in Medicine Beyond

The human robot is here!

Remember the movie Avatar? The idea of humans swapping their flesh and blood bodies for an automated robot? It’s not “coming soon”, it’s already happened, believe it or not. A man in Israel worked a robot body in Beziers, France, via connections to his brain. He found himself actually being the robot! Doesn’t this just prove we are “being” bodies but that we are separate in life?

It’s one of my old, old sayings that the commonest cause of death is ignorance. Can you afford—in any sense—to be ignorant about the origins of Being and the nature of existence; what health and biology really means; how the cosmos ticks and turns over? Honestly??

After reading this book you will have a whole re-think on what is magic and what is now real science. You need to read this to get a real grasp of what is happening in our world, how and why it works, why disease is being disconnected from the truth.

Strange things won’t seem to strange. One of my colleagues in the book quoted as saying that, “Advanced physics doesn’t just say it could happen, it says it MUST happen.” If you understand advanced physics, so many strange things start to make sense.

And by the way, I don’t just bring in the word “quantum”, in the pretense I’m explaining something. Lots of poor writers do that: the majority couldn’t even define what a quantum jump is and why it was so revolutionary. What I am offering are real explanations, that make sense.

Getting To Spiritual

You can’t really say you are spiritual, until you’ve read this book! You need to know a lot more about true nature and the origins of consciousness to be able to make that claim!

It’s time to get rid of the fairy stories and start growing up. We were not created by some angry god, who had an argument with his mother-in-law, and dropped her into the ocean where she turned to stone… You know the sort of thing I mean.

To accept the old stories and old models, going back thousands of years, written by people who never knew anything about machinery, automobiles, computers, smart phones, televisions, medicines, purified water, contraception and hospitals is crazy.

You already know more than they EVER knew. You have the power. YOU are the chosen one, if you like. You have lived in a time when it’s all coming together and, at last, we are starting to understand the true nature of spirituality.

We don’t duck the issue of The Divine. In fact, you are invited to participate in 3 major questions:

  1. Is there any separation between the supernatural or divine and our reality?

  2. If there is a boundary, is it sharp (in other words one can never mix with the other) or blurry?

  3. And finally: can the boundary be moved or is it cemented in place?

I can now come down heavily with answers to all three, which is… (explained in chapter 26).

Almost every page has some stunning and fascinating new insight into the nature of reality and how our minds and bodies really work, which—trust me—is not on the basis of chemical junk circulating around and thinking for itself, which is what “science” seems to think.

Read this book if you dare!

I gave you a sneak peak, but there are even more countless shocks in this book that it set to usher in the dawn of a new age in medicine.  You are going to be one of the first to find out about them, as I reveal shock after shock in consciousness, health, life, and being!

Are you ready to solve the awesome mysteries of medicine & beyond?

I’ve produced a paradigm-busting book that changes everything that doctors have believed up to this point.

In it’s pages, you’ll discover a whole new reality that is far, far beyond the bounds of the orthodox view.

While science is still desperately trying to prove the whole universe is a giant, impersonal machine—new and positive research makes it clear we as that Humankind are more like co-creators of reality than mere spectators.

We help to create the world we experience.

These changes are shaking the foundations of scientific convention and the old order is falling apart faster than you think… things are accepted and proven today that were scarcely believable a quarter of a century ago. Mainstream science has become junk science.

That’s why you need to join this amazing journey that is called Medicine Beyond! It’s a major and comprehensive re-boot of everything you have ever thought about life, consciousness, Being and health!

From singing trees that make music via electronic detectors, to laser-transfer of DNA signals from one creature to another; light shone through healthy organs prevented test animals from being killed by a deliberate poison, to the human version of photosynthesis, which is faster and more efficient than plant chlorophyll; from biological effects caused by substances which have no real (physical) existence, to electrical machines that work even they are switched off; from the energy healing potential of taking selfies, to telephone calls from long-dead people…

Nothing is too weird for Medicine Beyond! Provided somebody, somewhere has published a believable paper, I’m on it, dissecting it for credibility and value. If it works, it’s part of the new medical model.

Even crop circles are revisited plus a new and totally comprehensible explanation for so-called alien abductions, backed by solid science (clue: it’s not about flying saucers).

Get started on your second life today. There’s a new world out there. You’re welcome aboard for the voyage, which could last for eternity. Good deal? I think so.


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Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby, MD, MB ChB, PhD

P.S. You’ll never read another book quite like this one. It’s a manual for revolution: you could say it’s a whole new dimension of thinking.  

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